💥3 month milestone for us at BimaPe today! 💥

Sharing some of our key metrics with you:
⚡ Ship fast & early ('today' instead of 'tomorrow')
- We launched 11 new features in 15 weeks

⚙️Iterate on observed customer behavior with releases
- We have raised > 500 PRs on GitHub
- We have spoken 1-1 with >150 BimaPe members

👂Focus on customer delight
- Certain features 'stand out' to customers and get them to share it forward
(e.g. 'Know Your Card' and 'EDL Insurance' from BimaPe)
- Growing >30% MoM at zero CAC (may change soon!)

🏊Team matters above all else
- As a former professional sportsperson, Team BimaPe operates with discipline
- Huge shout out to Abraz, Eashan, Kunal, Vishrut, Krish, Pranav & the 5+ folks
joining us this quarter

🚀As Jeff Bezos puts it - "Even when they don't know it yet, customers want
something better."

👉With Wallet by BimaPe (https://wallet.bimape.com/), we're building a consumer
software product to simplify insurance for you;
4,700+ members have signed up; why haven't you?

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Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/rahul-jaideep-mathur