3 Life Hacks that can make you 10 times more productive:

1. Pomodoro Technique: was invented by Francesco Cirillo while he was a student.
He used a tomato (pomodoro in spanish) shaped timer to break down his study time
into intervals (also called pomodoros) of 25 mins each, followed by a 5 min
break. He did a max of 4 pomodoros at a stretch, after which he gave himself a
15-30 minute break. In case you have any distracting thoughts you can write them
down for later.

2. 20 Second Rule: Shawn Achor in his book happiness advantage coined this rule.
Most of us make decisions to be lazy because of this rule. It takes us 20
seconds to choose the easier option. So the way to beat lazyness is to fool the
mind to do those things which we want to do. For example having a bottle of
water next to you to drink more water, keeping a guitar next to you so you can
play it anytime, keeping flash cards to study, keeping weights so you can gym at

3. DOTS: Do One Thing Surely is the simplest way to focus I found while I
started writing. Start with what you love to do. You can start with an hour a
day & slowly increase it. You do only one thing:

DOTS for an hour
DOTS for a day
DOTS for a week (competition ends here)
DOTS for a month
DOTS for a year



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