3 Ideas that Made A Unicorn: Slack

Founders, want to build the next Unicorn?
Follow Slack's lead:

1 - Innovation: Build Something Unlike Anything Else.
Slack's market was crowded (HipChat, Hangouts, Whatsapp, Email etc.), but they
knew those tools didn't solve remote work problems...likely because they were
using them.

They built something new, intuitive, and useful ("channels" is such a great

2 - Customer-Centric Development
Slack focused on building & enabling their customers to be who they wanted to be
while working remotely: calm, productive, masters of their own purposeful

This guiding light helped the team focus on developing a product that delivered
real value.

3 - Less, but Better
Slack nailed a few core functions rather than trying to do it all.

If users were extremely happy with the essentials, a slip or two on the
nice-to-haves would go under the radar.

As they grew so did their integrations.

Without it (or its competitors), would working remotely and productively be as
possible during the pandemic?

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