❌ 3 Common Mistakes Founders Make When Talking to Users ❌

Being able to communicate with your users has never been more important. 👇

A company’s growth is sustainable when 40% of its users would be ‘very
disappointed’ if the company’s product disappeared. (Superhuman)

You can’t know this number without speaking to your users!

However, when founders speak to their users, they tend to repeat the same three

1️⃣❌ Trying to sell them on using the product
✅ Extract information from them
✅ Talk about the specifics around the problem you’re trying to solve

2️⃣❌ Talking about how the product could be
✅ Talk about specifics that have already occurred in the user's life
✅ Talk in general about the user’s life

3️⃣❌ Talking too much – this is not your pitching time
✅ Focus on listening, not on speaking
✅ Keep organized notes

Being connected to your customers and receiving feedback from them will be one
of the most rewarding experiences you do as a founder.

That is the only way to get direct feedback on the wants and needs of the

What are your main recommendations when speaking to users?

Would love to hear your thoughts. 💬 💬

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