293) Why do startups hesitate to hire you if you have worked only in corporates?
Have you heard of the story of the 5 blind men trying to make sense of an
elephant? You are like those blind men who probably knows one piece of the
system very well but very unawares of what else is around you.

In a startup, you never know the class of problems you will encounter. Someday
you may be in the trenches solving seriously impacting customer issues and on
other days you may be designing things for the next year to come. You may be the
developer, the code approver, the tester, the release engineer, and the devops
engineer -- all baked into one.

Will you be able to identify the trunk from the tail? Or will you solve every
problem thinking it's the same solution.

If you are ever thinking of taking the plunge, make sure you have the right
experiences to make a successful move. Good luck!

- Don't be a frog in the well if you planning to venture out of it.
- Jack of all trades or master of one?
- Your adaptability defines your success in a startup.

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