Hey!! StartupTalkers,

Please share your 2020 Resolutions. It's Fun, Don't mind it even it doesn't
work. It would be nice when you check this post on 01.01.2021 again what you
accomplish. Let everybody laugh on your resolutions

Here is My List below

1. Authoring Total 7 books

(Last Status : 3)


2. Launch 100 Podcast

(Last Status : 7 )


3. Youtube Video 50 Interviews

(Last Status: 7 )


4. Meet 100 "New" People to learn or exchange values (Ping me anytime if you
haven't met me yet.)

5. Speak at 12 events

(Last Status : 5 last year) Including StartupTalky Event at Innov8 Bangalore


6. Work on 3 Profitable Sustainable Startup Ideas!!

7. Collaboration with 50 People for spreading "Awareness" on Social Causes.

Now Please Share Yours. COMMENT

Posted by Rakesh Sidana on Facebook
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