2020 was the best year of my life.

Of course, there were some challenges and not so great moments, but let me
explain why it was such a good year.

1. I found a platform for my voice and content.
Until early this year, I wasn't using LinkedIn, much less posting on here.

2. Found supportive communities.
Communities like RevGenius, SDR Nation, and TNS all have been supportive of me
and many others.

3. Lifelong friendships, because of #1 and #2.
- I've gotten close with many people from here or those communities that I
haven't met in person yet, but will one day.

4. Getting to spend unexpected time with my Dad.

5. Learning to be more patient and empathic.

6. More appreciative of all the things I do have.

7. A focus on self-growth and investing in myself and the sales craft.

Let's turn it over to you what positives have come out of this year for you?

Posted by Phil Pohl on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/philpohl