🔎 2020’s Performance of Every Asset Class, Currency, and S&P 500 Sector
A breakdown of COVID-19’s impact.

Last year has seen some of the largest price fluctuations across almost every
single asset, sector, and currency.

The key takeaways:

→ Sector: Value sectors struggled to perform compared to growth sectors.
→ Asset classes: Precious metals provided the best returns.
→ Currencies: The Swiss franc, Australian dollar, and euro were the top
performers, with gains of 9%+.

Swipe through the file below to:
✅ View 2020’s most resilient asset classes, currencies, and S&P 500 sectors.
✅ See their maximum drawdown for the year.
✅ Visualize their recovery from 2020 lows to the closing price.

Now that you’ve seen a summary of 2020 —
What are your predictions for this year? 💬 👇

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Source: Conte, Neufeld & Bhutada

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