2020 has now given the 4 year college degree its biggest challenge yet.

Back in 2010, I had to make an important choice for my undergraduate degree that
could potentially decide the outcome of my career.

But back then, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence were almost unheard
of. App development was something relatively new.
Electric vehicles were a rarity and self driving was thought nearly impossible!

What we need today are short, targeted courses in specialized fields to keep up
with the speed of technology.

The Lambda School, a startup that recently raised $74M, has exploded in
popularity in the recent months.

Their unique model has no upfront fees with shorter targeted 6-12 month courses
in tech, while they make money only when you get a job through a revenue sharing

The future of education needs shorter, less expensive degrees, and technology
could be the driving force!

Posted by Nikhil Prasad Maroli on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/mnikhilprasad