2020- A year that challenged the very existence of the company I built over a
decade. 95% of existing business wiped out in a flash. Cost cutting,
negotiations with landlords, pay cuts and losses every month became the new

At STIR & ENWO we always put people first. It is this very belief of putting
people first that enabled us to bounce back in such a short time. The teams at
STIR & ENWO have really worked hard and shown a level of maturity that an
entrepreneur can only dream of. When colleagues tell you “Ken we understand why
we have to go through Pay-cuts, don’t worry we will pull this back together”.
You know that you have not built an organisation but you have built a TEAM.

Today as I announced that there are no more salary cuts I think I was more
relieved than my colleagues. It felt like I was carrying the weight of Mount
Everest on my shoulders all this while and someone instantly took that away.

To whoever is reading this post, don’t worry the worst is behind us. Our story
is just one of the positive stories out there.

If you have a positive story do share it with the rest of us, if there ever was
a time for positive stories it is now.

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Posted by Kenneth Chen on LinkedIn
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