2011, there was a holiday day like Diwali. He got up early and picked up his
mobile. He typed a message in the notepad, copied it and start sending to all in
his all contact list.

He could send 100 messages at one go and had to remember what alaphbet of
contacts he had already sent. Every 100 messages he had to wait for half an
hour, because telecom had a limit or it became spam. WhatsApp was not that much
popular or used by everybody, so he had to pay for every SMS and he didn't worry
about that.

It took the whole day he kept sending sms. The family saw him busy sending
messages but he was somehow getting time for the same.

His contact list was full of partners, employees, old colleque and contacts of
some investors whom he met at startup events.

Every 100 or 200 sms, he used to get some reply back saying "Thank You, same to
you" and some funny ones saying "Thank you but Do i know you?"

Suddenly, he got one reply and he shouted....

"wow! see i got reply from prestigious investor" he was showing it to his wife.
His wife said "he might mistakenly replied it to you, don't be so happy, come
and do some homework, today you are wasting your time disturbing people"... The
message discussion was -

"Hey Rakesh, Great Website! Thanks!

(The investor just clicked on my venture website link in the sms)

"Thanks for replying" he replied.

"Let's meet"

"Sure! Please suggest the date and venue"

Meeting was fixed. Next day, he met the investor in a 5-star hotel. There were
beers on the table After listening to entrepreneurs, investor said -

"Rakesh, i am interested in your startup, tell me how much you need and lets
formalize it"

"I can't believe, are you serious? this is our first meeting" he said.

"Yeah, Rakesh, i decide like that only, send me more details" He was my 2nd

This is how your single sms/whatsApp message can open opportunity for you. Don't
forget remembering everybody on the festive occasion. Your single sms could
create New Contract, New Friend, New Partner, New Mentor. (Try do it without

Happy Diwali to all of you!

Best Wishes

to all StartupTalky Team & Members! Enjoy! Respect everybody! You never know who
is Right People at Right Time to make you Success!

Rakesh Sidana


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