Yesterday, a digital marketer pinged me to ask if it was a

πŸ‘‰ Technical error (from google or FB)

πŸ‘‰ Tracking error (most times, FB and Google data don't match up)

πŸ‘‰ Due to Facebook ad objective selection (he said he used traffic campaign, but felt he should have used conversion campaign)

πŸ‘‰ Landing page builder (the page he used was built in Wordpress, he felt clickfunnels will solve it)Β 

He just asked me what I thought.

I asked him to send his landing page...

He had sent me the link, and I clicked on it...

It Started Loading...πŸ˜„







Stil Loading....



And Finally a block of text appeared after a good 15-second wait...

You might have guessed it already, He had a website loading speed problem! πŸ’‘

But he wasn't even aware of it... Since it took very long time, we found it just by clicking the website...😎

But for most of the businesses, you cannot just judge it by clicking on the link.

So if you are a marketer or a business person running traffic to a landing page...

First, check your Landing page speed with a page speed checking tool. πŸš€

I suggest using: which doesn't only give the page speed and a score, but it will also give clear instructions on how to reduce the page speed.

And Do you think it's necessary?

Let's say, you run a Facebook ad and get 100 link clicks on your ad at Rs.5. That's 500rs to get the 100 clicks right?

Let's assume you have a conversion rate of 10% on your Landing page...

And let's have 3 situations of Page waiting time for the customer to see some contentΒ 

1) 3 secs: 90% of them stay. (90 people)

2) 5 secs: 40% of users stay. (40 people)

3) 7 secs: 10% of users stay. (10 people)

4) 11 secs: 5% of users stay (5 people)

In fact, studies show that after 6% most of the visitors are gone. (including the link on the first comment in the post)

But what does it mean to your Business? Let's see the conversions

1) 3 secs: 90 people* 10% = 9 conversions

2) 5 secs: 40*10% = 4 conversions

3) 7 secs: 10* 10% = 1 conversion

4) 11 secs: 5*10% = 0.5 conversion

so the difference between a site speed of 3 seconds and 5 seconds might not seem big, but the cost per conversion will increase to Rs.125 from Rs.55 ...

See that's huge and that's where you will lose money!

P.S: the data given are rounded so as to easily understand.