2 companies recently sent physical gifts my way as part of their ABM tactics.
One failed. One landed.

Here's what they did:

The failure...

The first company (I won't mention the name) sent me an Amazon Kindle Fire. They
told me to turn on the device for some "relevant info". It was just a pitch
deck. Plus, I don't need a cheap tablet, and there was nothing in there that
made my day or job better.

The second company (Dane Johnson at Sendoso) sent me a box of cupcakes from a
gourmet bakery. There was no pitch deck, no advertisement. Just a short,
personal note. The major win, though? I have four daughters, and they LOVE
cupcakes. If you can make my kids smile, you win. Smart.

The point is this...

Sending gifts isn't enough to engage people.

Send everyone the same generic gift and you make them feel like a mere entry in
a list of leads.

But take the time to send something personal, something relevant, and treat
people like humans, you'll do just fine!

What's an example of a ABM campaign you received that you either really loved or
that missed the mark?

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Posted by John Rougeux on LinkedIn
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