Harshad Mehta's age was 26 and Narayan Murthy's age was around 38 when they
started their respective business in India

Both were from middle class family and life was tough.
Harshad Mehta was rising like a star and called as Big Bull and even called as
Bachchan of Stock Market.
He owned 15,000 sq ft sea facing house and many high end cars.
Narayan Murthy's Infosys was still surviving even after putting 10 years of
hardwork with ethics and honesty.
#Murthy led a simple life focussing to build Infosys.

Harshad #Mehta is in jail and convicted for 50 plus civil and fraud cases and
dies a lonely death on 31st December night.
#Narayan Murthy's Infosys becomes an inspiration and dream company for Youth of
New India.

A super hit web series on Harshad Mehta is made which may tempt lot of young
people to get attracted towards quick money

But Remember the case of Narayan Murthy. #Legends are created over a lifetime
with hard work, trust, integrity, innovation and honesty

Today 2.5 lacs employees work in Infosys in India and abroad

We all have One Life ... Build something that will help our next Generations

Choose Your Heroes Wisely!