19% of a ticket is bought via Bitcoin.

PrivateFly, the UK-based charter carrier, said Tuesday that 19% of its yearly
revenues were generated from the sale of tickets via #Bitcoin. Activity
increased in the past month as prices of the asset moved upwards compared to
previous quarters, it said.

PrivateFly said that 12% of all flights made in December 2020 were paid for
using Bitcoin. January of this year saw the sales increase slightly, with 13% of
all tickets sold via Bitcoin. For reference, the asset accounted for only 2% of
ticket #purchases previously.

PrivateFly also claims that the recorded jump in revenues was even more
considerable as travelers paying via Bitcoin spent more money on more #expensive
flights—suggesting a “rich” demographic for the average BTC holder.

Have you ever book your flight or plan your trip with bitcoin? If yes let us
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Originally posted by Keshav Aggarwal on LinkedIn
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