15 Minute Keyword Research Challenge


Oh yeah. We'll be going live in this group every Thursday (1300 EST).

This time we're taking more time to talk about what happens after keyword

(content production, turning your writers into SEO monsters, picking the right
opportunities, etc)

Now, for the first-timers, here are the 'rules'.

Comment the niche you want us to cover.

We'll randomly pick one comment and cover that niche.

Even better, if you were the one that posted the comment…

You’ll also get that ClusterAi export.

So, you can literally get a year’s worth of keyword research for your niche.

See you on Thursday 1300 EST…

Now tell us a niche you want us to cover.

Say hello to our newest members:

Roland Millaner

Sharma Loh

Gaurav Mehrotra

Sofi Dagnon

Harlon Richards

Pamela Mar

Tania Zhydkova

Rachayeta Singla

Mareks Prenclavs

Matthew Gethins

Matt Crane

Swadhin Agrawal

Vladimir Gromozdin

Jacob Andra

Earl Gardner

Lisa Nathalie

Paul Andre de Vera

Everhardt Strauss

Xaris Amanatidis

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