"₹ 12175 Will be your trip approximate with GST inclusive!"

I responded to one of the customers
Over WhatsApp.

He replied
"Could you tell me how much you charge GST?"

I replied
"Sir it is 5%..in your trip, it is ₹ 675"

He replied,
"I wanted to book and would like to pay by cash. I hope GST won't be applied

I replied,
"Sir, we follow enquiry to order system. So every ride we execute we generate
invoice & apply GST"

I added,
"GST is what we collect on behalf of Govt and submit to them as it is, shall I
book sir?"

He replied,
"No leave it, I will go with others"

I replied,
"As a customer, you have all the right to opt for service from a source, which
is most suitable for you and we are always happy in your happiness. Is there
anything else may i assist you with sir?

He said, " Thank you".
I replied "welcome"

Do business,
But by doing the right things!

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