12 Reasons why I think going freelance atleast once in your career will change
who you are:

1. You become someone that isn’t just full of ideas, but you HAVE to make them
happen too. Seeing a project through from start to end is a rare skill
2. You learn to be commercial and cut costs where they’re not needed.
3. you learn to communicate with clients and not just be the behind the scenes
4. you learn how hard it is to find work.
5. you learn how to sell yourself, and promote your product/service
6. you learn how to make a profit
7. you build connections and a pool of people that can help you
8. you learn what you’re shit at , and how others can help you be better at your
9. you learn how to make decisions on your own, no one else is there to make
them for you
10. You learn more about you
11. you learn how to become quicker at your job. Build once, sell twice
12. you find tools and techniques to cut costs where others pay thousands

Originally posted by Carrie Rose on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/carrieroseballoch