100+ SaaS valuation benchmarks (real!)
This valuation data is eye-popping.
Imagine you’re arguing with a buyer, your board, or an investor about your
valuation. What gives you the most leverage?
Comps. Other recent deals.
There has never been a central database of private valuations focused on SaaS.
My friend Nathan Latka is changing all that with his new report:
Official Report: 100 Private Company SaaS Valuations in 2021
Official SaaS Valuation Report (100+ examples)
You can get any valuation you want under one condition:
You have to have comps to back it up. An investor, buyer, or friend won't listen
to what you think you're worth. But if you can say:
"I just pulled comps and here's what they say"
Your leverage increases.
The webinar on March 4th is about getting you leverage. You'll get 100+ examples
like these:
Typeform raised $35m at a $300m valuation in 2017 with $20m in revenue. They
passed $48m in revenue last week topping $800m valuation. 16.6x multiple.
GetRoute raised $50k on a SAFE with $4m cap this year with $128k in revenue. 31x
Recreation management software Amilia hit $8m and valuation of $100m last month.
12.5x multiple.
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