10 lessons I've learned from 10 years in marketing:

1. You can get away with anything if it's on-brand.
The Wendy's Company can tweet it, but that doesn't mean you should.

2. Just because you're bored doesn't mean your audience is. You'll read
something 50 times before your audience ever sees it.

3. To reach more, teach more. Persuasion is a lot easier when you're the one
framing the issues.

4. Marketing budget is a force multiplier: it will make your marketing better,
but it won't make it good.

5. Become habitually remarkable, or you'll stay remarkably habitual.

6. "Best practices" are often bare minimums in disguise. You're usually late to
the gold rush. Don't expect abnormal results if you're doing what everyone else
is doing. (This goes for most SEO advice!)

7. Clarity trumps cleverness every time.

8. Marketing changes faster than higher education can teach it.

9. Anyone can make a video. Not all videos need to be pristinely produced; they
just need to be good enough to not detract from the message.

10. When in doubt, ask your audience. Call them. Ask for feedback. Conduct
original research. You want you inspire your audience, but your audience can be
the best source of inspiration.

I'm not done learning. =)


Posted by Jeffrey Kranz on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/jeffreydkranz