1 old laptop, 1 Keypad phone
& 1 old dining table with which I started the company in 2016!

My understanding about running a business was zero, but it was the zeal to
deliver something unique and best that was driving me!

Started with market research
Did it by myself, by walking on the street.

Did brand marketing,
By designing banners by self.

Got first order after 90 days
With sale value of ₹600.
Executed by self.

Responding to customers calls, enquires, executing rides, marketing, invoicing,
payment follow-ups, did everything single-handed, required to scale up the
company, as no one was ready to believe and join.

Today, the same company,
Has 6 ( employees + consultants) team count, 22 channel partners, 920+ cabs and
operation in 42 cities across India !

Impossible is nothing,
If you are driven by passion.

Originally posted by Dhruvam Thaker on Facebook
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