$1 Billion Race!

👉 The COVID-19 pandemic has just ruined 2020 for many people. The lockdown and
the subsequent recession caused major crises for many businesses all over the

👉 Yet, some India based startups managed to overcome this hardship, raise
significant funding and revenue reaching the valuation of $1 billion thus rising
to unicorn status during the pandemic.

11 Indian startups joined the unicorn status in 2020: 👇

🔺Pine Labs

👉 There are a lot of startups in the market, but the question is why were these
ones able to achieve such status during a pandemic?

🔺According to the experts, these startups actually worked towards the
difficulties faced by the people amidst the lockdown.

🔺For example, due to the lockdown and strict COVID-19 restrictions, all
schools, colleges and coaching institutes were shut indefinitely.

🔺This led to the increase in popularity of online learning thus increasing the
significance of Unacademy exponentially in the market.

Source: Yahoo

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