1 auto-rickshaw driver aged around 55-60, was waiting for passengers from last
30 mins!

I was observing this,
from another side of the road,
from my car, waiting for the customer who went for a meeting.

The way he was looking to each of the passers-by, one could easily guess, that
how needy he was for business.

He was asking almost everyone
But seems no one was turning to be his customer.

This continued for an hour now.

Finally, A lady came
she discussed with him something
And Boarded the auto...

That Smile & glow on his face,
was something stored as memory.

Opportunities come to those,
Who try & wait!

Originally posted by Dhruvam Thaker on Facebook
link: facebook.com/groups/1628088717410164/user/100001568173797/