How to do :-
1) An Expired domain from Auctions with +300 RDs with great contextual links to the homepage. 
2) Built the site on it. Same exact niche. 
3) Created the content plan and published more than 170,000 words within 3 months (from May 2019 to August 2019). 
4) 100% of content was around that single topic and moreover, I asked my writers to take care of internal links in every single article.
5) Kept watching the progress and that's it.

Now let's see some more figures:
- May 2019: Beginning of the site.
- June 2019: $0.
- July 2019: $500. (Rankings started to go up by the second half of the month). 
- August 2019: $1550. (Rankings are going up).
- September 2019: $3352. (Rankings are in a stable state now).

What is not: - 
- Building Links. (Guest Posts & Editorial links for the moment).
- Building more and more HQ content.
- Improving my main money pages.
- Start going towards other categories within the same niche.

Final Notes:
- Expired domains work.
- Topical relevance & Internal Links are super important.
- High quality content

  • Fluent English isn't enough, the articles MUST provide the right answer for the user's queries without any "fluff content" inside.
  • Keep improving your content & hire professional writers to review your site's articles quality.