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Best English Learning App to improve your Spoken English | EngVarta

Best English Learning App | Engvarta

EngVarta is a 1 on 1 🗣️ English conversation practice app where you can learn English over 📞 phone calls with live English Experts.

This is the best English learning app for those who often struggle with the following issues while speaking in English:
😬 Do you hesitate, feel nervous, or get stuck while speaking in English?
😣 Do you often struggle to find the right words while speaking in English?
😕 Do you find yourself confused with grammar rules while speaking?

Don't worry! If you're facing any of these problems it's only becuase you don't have enough practice speaking in English.

The Solution is Simple: The more you'll speak in English & learn from your mistakes the better you'll become. And the EngVarta app helps you do exactly that.

In our English learning app - we're giving you a platform where you can do English conversation practice with live English experts. The Experts will correct your mistakes ✅ , guide you 🧭 & motivate you 💪. With every session, you will feel more positive, confident, and excited to talk in English. And soon you'll be speaking fluent English without any hesitation.

During your live practice session, the experts will be correcting your
✔ pronunciation mistakes, ✔ Grammar errors and will help to ✔ frame better sentences to improve your overall English communication. All the sessions are recorded here for revision & you will also receive assignments after every session.

You want to improve your English communication because :... (More)

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Puru BhatnagarTop Contributor
Business Analyst, Entrepreneur, Business developer, Marketer

Marketing strategy depend uoim your product which you are trying to sell, since it depend upon the targeted audience to whom we have to target and what channel we have to adopt to market the product.

It is true that with the advancement of technology it is much easier to target customers with much precision and accuracy but in that also one has to decide which way to choose to market their product that can give high ROI in return.

So, from above we can draw some conclusion and that is to develop a marketing strategy one has to analyse and set its targeted audience and aacording to that should decide which way of marketing should be choosen.

Puru BhatnagarTop Contributor
Business Analyst, Entrepreneur, Business developer, Marketer

To get investment from investors is a difficult task.

It require a lot of patience and dedication and a belief that you can do and achieve your goal but at the same time you should learn everytime you get your startup rejected by investor for investing and amend any porthole in your idea visible to you.

There are different ways in which you can attract investors to your startup.

Bu before that you should know one thing if someone is investing in your business it is because they want profit from it and if you can't offer it then you will be rejected each time.

Further, here are some few things 

1). Make a perfect pitch deck.

2). Make a perfect slide to present to your investors.

3). Have some nice traction from the market.

5). Get some reviews From your targeted audience either on your social media page or directly through survey.

6). Make some charts and graphs in your slideshow to make your presentation more attractive.