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BounceCast Overview

These days, podcasts are getting a lot of attention and the majority of people have already switched to it. Now, there is a good chance to increase your follower base through podcasts.

But, you know you need to hire someone who would be an expert in Audio recording and processing. And that would surely ruin your budget!

How amazing it would be that if a tool would be there which makes audio processing and recording super-easy?

Let’s meet! BounceCast

In the following post, I am going to give you detailed BounceCast Overview

What is BounceCast?

BounceCast is an intelligent digital audio app designed to record, enhance and master podcasts and video audio automatically on desktop and mobile.

Tool Details:

BounceCast Features

Record and Trim

BounceCast allows you to record audio on mobile or desktop platforms. Record and get a preview of your recorded audio with or without smart enhancement and Trim exactly where you need to.

Control over Unwanted Frequencies

For meeting the professional standard, Resonance and eq control is applied based on automatic data-driven analysis on your recorded audio. Thus, improving the overall quality of your audio.

Automatic Leveling

BounceCast lets you view real-time analysis based the fluctuation like Loudness, Pitch and etc.

Smart Enhancement

The feature why you gonna love BounceCast. Intelligent application of subtractive equalization, transparent compression, peak limiting, and level normalization.

All Format Supported

WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC and Ogg-Vorbis file formats for both file uploading and exporting.

How BounceCast Works?

Podcasts: Easily record and instantly... (More)

Ayush VarshneyTop Contributor
Community Manager || Coder || Geeky

Metricool Review

Marketing the brand on the internet is a very tough task. As you need to post the right content at the right time and yeah! On the right platform too. The toughness doesn’t stop here only, after this all, you have to thoroughly examine the results of the above activities.

So, all this is very hectic Nah?

Let me save your effort and time, checkout Metricool

What is Metricool?

Metricool is an online platform that allows you to monitor all your online marketing campaigns on all social media and prepares the report accordingly.

Metricool Detail:

Metricool Features

All Your Data in a Single Place

Metricool combines all your data in a single place. You don’t need to have multiple accounts for saving data of multiple clients. It merges your clients, integrations, dashboards, and client reporting in a single click. A search bar is provided to the user so that the user just needs to type for whatever he is searching for in his data.

Automated Reports

Metricool generates automated reports for your client. Just you need to select the data and choose the integrated platforms. And let Metricool do the rest of the work, it will automatically generate the report and so, it saves your time and efforts too. Even, you can select whether you need the report Weekly, Monthly or Annually in the future.

Powerful Customization

Metricool gives you full power to the customization. It allows you to add a logo, choose the color palette for each dashboard. It... (More)

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Rebump Review

You started a very important conversation about a business deal. But, after closing the deal, somehow you forget to send a follow-up email. And, after getting no follow-up email, the other side party canceled the deal and you faced a big loss :(

Wait! You can easily break this nightmare :)

Meet! The best email outreach tool, Rebump

What is Rebump?

Rebump is an email outreach tool that automates the process of sending up the follow-up email.

Rebump Detail:

Rebump Features:

Automate our work

Rebump allows you to set a reply to any email. A reply will be sent automatically as soon as the email arrives. Also, it allows you to send the email until any reply comes from the other party. Just set the number of emails to send and the time interval between them and see te magic!

Customize you Rebump

You can easily send personalized emails to the other parties. So extra human touch can be easily added in your automated emails.

Keep Track of everything

The dashboard of Rebump gives you entire information about all your bumps. You can easily check the status of your bumps to all your clients. Check whether the bump is opened, just delivered, or it is canceled. And one more treat to you, you can easily set alerts accordingly.

Easy to Install

Just install a small plugin in your browser and set rebump in your Gmail account. And you are all set to get started with rebump!

Benefits of Rebump

No... (More)

Ayush VarshneyTop Contributor
Community Manager || Coder || Geeky

SocialAnimal Review

(Search. Dig Deeper. Get Insights.)

As all of you have read everywhere and every time that

“Content is the King!”

‘Content’ is the fundamental element for your site. So, it is your key responsibility to market your content at your best. But, how can you market and do research for your content?

You need an intuitive tool that can help in your content research as well as in marketing that content by finding a suitable influencer for marketing.

Then, Say! Hi to Social Animal

What is Social Animal?

Social Animal is a content research tool that allows you to research on top-performing content and authors for detailed insights on any desirable topic or keyword.

SocialAnimal Details:

Social Animal Features

Complete Analysis of Content

With SocialAnimal, you can track content about any topic or keyword that when and where it was published. Even, you can get the total engagement of that piece of content across all the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and even on Quora.

Through SocialAnimal, you will get to know how much reacts and which reacts, you get on your post.

Keep an eye on your competitors

Get complete detail about your competitors. Know about your competitor’s best performing content and even their best authors.

Loved your competitor’s posts?

Then save them with SocialAnimal save feature for later investigation.

Find the right Influencer

With SocialAnimal, find a suitable influencer which suits perfectly for your content. Search influencer by typing the keyword or your topic.... (More)